Made up of furry-faced frontman Simon West, Nick Manners (guitar), Nick Blackburn (bass), Joe Chivers (drums), and Kev Baker (guitar), The Hot One Two are a humble collective of musicians hailing from Cambridgeshire, UK.

Cramming contagious riffs, face-contorting solos and monstrous beats into their songs, The Hot One Two draw influence from the classic hard rock sound of the 80s with a razor sharp modern edge! Fast becoming a staple within the up-and-coming rock community and NWOCR scene with their bold, energetic and intense live shows – it’s fair to say that The Hot One Two are a band not to be missed gracing a stage near you!

“Putting the swagger back into UK rock n’ roll, The Hot One Two are an act you need to be checking out” (BBC Introducing).   



The Hot One Two delighted rock fans nationwide with the release of their debut single ‘Tie Me Down’ early in 2019, and have gone from strength to strength ever since! With the widely anticipated release of their EP ‘Come Whatever May’ later that year, and a string of gigs taking The Hot One Two all around the UK and into Europe, the band were looking forward to seeing what exciting opportunities 2020 had in store! However, the universe had another idea!

Determined to not have their career cut short by a deadly virus sweeping across the globe, The Hot One Two adjusted the crosshair and set aim for a new target. After joining forces with Iron Road Talent Management in July of 2020, the band dropped a string of lockdown live music videos and two brand new bodacious singles, ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Playing With Fire’. 

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and no statement can be truer of The Hot One Two, while many great artists and venues have sadly fallen by the wayside The Hot One Two have made every effort to ensure they have a place in the new world, and as the dust settles on a post-covid apocalyptic wasteland the band eagerly await the opportunity to share what they have spent the last year working on!  

the band

Simon West

Simon .jpg

Nick Blackburn
Backing Vocals

Nick manners
Lead Guitar
Backing Vocals

Joe Chivers

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