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“Putting the swagger back into UK rock n’ roll, The Hot One Two are an act you need to be checking out” ( BBC Introducing ).

Founded in Cambridge in 2017 by bassist Nick Blackburn, lead guitarist Nick Manners, and drummer Joe Chivers, THE HOT ONE TWO is a hard rock quintet boasting the swagger of 1980s greats and souped-up with punchy modern metal riffs.


As recently as 2018 The Hot One Two attracting attention from local festival circuits and radio shows such as BBC Introducing, which quickly established them as mainstays in the UK New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) scene. With the addition of charismatic frontman Simon West and veteran guitarist Kev Baker, The Hot One Two achieved escape velocity in 2019.

On the heels of successful singles and their debut EP ‘Come What May’, the band signed a deal with Tower Rok Band Management in 2022. Soon they were performing in front of larger crowds and knocking them dead with their catchy old-school foundation and supercharged modern sound. Building upon their tight and energetic stage performances, The Hot One Two have worked extensively with Kris Barras on music videos that accompany their releases.

“This band has the potential to go through the stratosphere in 2023, and I’m just pleased to have caught them in an intimate venue before
that happens. In the meantime I implore you to go and see them if they are playing a show in your area, you won’t regret it.” [jace media]

During the pandemic, while other bands worried or went by the wayside entirely, The Hot One Two wrote and self-produced the aptly named 2022 EP ‘Unrestrained’ featuring their flagship single ‘Bleed On Me’ to immense popular and critical success. These guys are on the ascendency and are truly the ones to watch as the smoke clears.

And that’s just the beginning! The Hot One Two will be performing up and down the country with festival slots at Call of the Wild, Firestorm, Hard Rock Hell Sleeze, Hard Rock Hell 16 , SOS and SavFest. Between live gigs, they will be releasing six singles with accompanying music videos, each one relating to one of the seven deadly sins, along with an album titled Superbia set for release in Q4 of 2023. The first single will be called ‘The Fray’ which represents wrath and will be coming out in April.

2023 is shaping up to be a breakout year for the charismatic Cambridge outfit so stay tuned for live dates and upcoming releases!

Simon Headshot_0.25x.png

Simon West

Bibble Headshot_0.25x_0.25x.png

Nick blackburn
Bass Guitar
Backing Vocals

Manners Headshot_0.25x.png

Lead Guitar
Backing Vocals

Joe Headshot _0.25x_0.25x.png



Kev Baker
Rhythm Guitar

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